10 Best Mexican Restaurants in St. Petersburg FL 2023

Chicken Taquitos
Must Eat Mexican Treats in St. Pete

If you search this site for “Mexican”, you may notice that I do all of the Mexican restaurant reviews. Why? It’s because I love Mexican food so much that I could literally eat it every day for a week straight. (I actually have done that before.) Two and a half decades ago when … Continue Reading

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Red Mesa Restaurant – Still Rockin’ After All These Years

Brisket - Street Tacos

It seems like there are new restaurants opening in St. Pete every five minutes, and the new places get all of the hoopla, and attention. We certainly participate in it here at St. Petersburg Foodies, but we also love to remind you of the places that were here when there were not a lot of really good choices in St. … Continue Reading

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El Huarache Veloz – Mexican Food for Mexican People
(Gringos are Allowed too)

A huarache is a Mexican sandal, and it is also a masa-based Mexican dish. It is the name of a great local Mexican restaurant as well. The first time I heard “Huarache sandal” was in the lyrics to The Beach Boys Surfin’ USA when I was a kid. The first time I heard a recommendation for El Huarache Veloz, I … Continue Reading

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Review: VIP Mexican Restaurant & Lounge

VIP Mexican Restaurant & Lounge

We finally went to VIP Mexican Restaurant & Lounge on Thursday, September 28. Months ago, we had crossed them off of our list when a chef friend of ours, whom we greatly respect, said some unflattering things about the place—I’ll leave the details out—and we believed him. As the months went by, we kept seeing more and more people recommending … Continue Reading

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¡Red Mesa Cantina’s New Menu Items are Sabroso y Delicioso!

Red Mesa Cantina New Menu Items – May 2017

I’ve been going to Red Mesa Cantina on a regular basis for over 8-years. Most of the time, when being handed a menu, I say, “No thank you, I don’t need it”, as I pretty much have it memorized and know what I want. Not anymore. There are several new (10 … Continue Reading

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DON’T WAIT for the Official Name Change – El Gallo Grande’s Food is Already Nueva Cantina!!

Cuban Chimichanga at Nueva Cantina

On October 4th, I published breaking Foodies news regarding the changing of hands at El Gallo Grande to Louie Spetrini and his partners Erin & Rocco Rinaldi.  Officially the new name, happy hour and menu won’t change until November 1st, however, I am EXTREMELY happy to report that all of the new staff are currently in place including Chef Paul…and … Continue Reading

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Gluten-Free at Red Mesa Cantina

Cantina Tacos

The Red Mesa family of restaurants are good stand-bys on any day of the week. You can’t go wrong with one of the three: Mercado, 4th St, and the Cantina. As far as atmosphere goes, the Cantina downtown is my favorite. The inside is funky and vibrant, while the outdoor patio feels quaint and cozy. With the string lights, landscaping … Continue Reading

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