Maggie on the Move: Mediterranean Fusion with Flair

Maggie on the Move: Mediterranean Fusion with Flair

From a tent vendor at the Saturday Morning Market in 2009, to a present-day flourishing Food Truck staple- Maggie is serving up her delectable Mediterranean creations with a side of love. After obtaining a knack for cooking at local Farmer’s Markets, business was expanding, and in 2011, Maggie decided that a food truck was her next move. Cue, Maggie on the Move.

Maggie feels that her passion for cooking is innate- something she was born with. She prides herself on being a self-taught chef and has spent the past 20 years improving her skillset in the kitchen. Creating new dishes is an expertise that flows naturally for Maggie, and is quite apparent whilst indulging in her dishes.

If Maggie is not present on her food truck on a particular day, the food truck does not operate. Maggie is involved with every single aspect of her business and prepares/cooks all of the food herself.

Spicy Mediterranean Fries
Spicy Mediterranean Fries

When Maggie first began cooking at the Saturday Morning Market, there were no Greek or Mediterranean options available to the public. Coincidentally, she had (and still has) a love affair with Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, and also possessed a few Greek recipes from a friend. Once accepted into the Saturday Morning Market, she learned additional Greek recipes and combined them with other genres to generate original Mediterranean Fusion dishes.

Maggie’s Menu for the 2018 French Fry Festival.

For the most part, Maggie’s menu remains the same from event-to-event; however, she does make tweaks accordingly, depending on the clientele.


Must have dishes? The Gyro, folks! The Gyro meat is made from a combination of Beef, Lamb and seasonings that Maggie grinds and bakes herself. Therefore, getting a Gyro from Maggie is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Along with the Gyro meat is a healthy serving of fresh Tomato, Onion, Tzatziki & Feta. This dish is exploding with robust flavor, texture and a delightful fresh factor.

Maggie’s Gyro with freshly Ground Lamb & Beef, seasoned & slow roasted with Tomato, Onion, Tzatziki and Feta.

In addition to the fan favored Gyro, the Cuban on Pita with Gyro meat, Pulled Pork, Ham & a special Cuban Sauce is recommended. Other feature items also include a Crabby Gyro and Grilled Octopus. Maggie attests that the Grilled Octopus is her current favorite, but she is proud of and has an appreciation for everything she cooks.

Maggie’s truck parked along Bayshore Drive for the 2018 French Fry Festival.

I visited Maggie’s truck at the 2018 French Fry Festival and I started with the Mediterranean fries, made my way through the Grilled Falafel and finished with the famous Gyro.

Mediterranian Fries, Grilled Falafel, Gyro

The under layer of crunchy French Fries were topped with Cheese Sauce, Gyro Meat, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Feta, Tzatziki and Habanero Hot Sauce. These Fries had a bit of something for everyone- crunch from the Fries, hearty flavor and texture from the meat, heat from the hot Habanero & a fresh bite from the Veggies & Tzatziki to put out the fire.

Spicy Mediterranean Fries topped with Cheese Sauce, Gyro Meat, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Geta Cheese, Tzatziki and Habanero Hot Sauce

My history with Falafel is not all too memorable and it typically is not an item on the menu that excites me. However, Maggie is serving up a delightful Falafel dish that is fully weighted with a harmonious meld of flavors.

Grilled Falafel in warm Pita with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Feta, Cheese, Italian Salsa Verde and Tzatziki Sauce

After enjoying just some of the items that Maggie is serving up, it is no surprise that she has been recognized as not only one of the top food trucks locally, but also nationally. She helped start the Gulf to Bay Food Truck Association and is currently the acting President. The association currently holds 2 successful monthly food truck festivals in St. Pete: Lunch Truck It (every 3rd Wednesday lunch rally in Williams Park ), and their 3rd Friday themed Food Truck Festival (held at different venues around St. Petersburg).

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Maggie’s up-to-date weekly schedule can be found on her website, and, in addition to events, she also caters!

It is no secret, nor surprise, that Maggie can turn a meal on the go into a divine dining experience. I’ll undoubtedly seek her truck out in the near future and you should, too.


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Food truck offering fresh and healthy Mediterranean fusion cuisine with twists on Greek, Moroccan and Spanish dishes.

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