Interview with Tom Golden from The Lure – St. Petersburg Foodies Podcast Episode 22


Interview with Tom Golden from The Lure

Welcome to the St. Petersburg Foodies Podcast Episode 22. For our opening conversational segment, we will talk about Sriracha Hot Sauce. Our featured interview today is with Tom Golden from The Lure restaurant in downtown St. Pete. Tom also owns several other restaurants, which we will talk to him about in next week's episode. Our featured local music is an encore performance from Jordan Esker and the Hundred Percent. We feature the song 'Another Second Chance' from their album 'Fail to Learn'. Jordan answers the Lightning Round Questions, and we find out that he is the most foodie musician we have had on. He listens to the Bon Appetit 'Foodcast', and has read the book, Salt. Fat. Acid. Heat.

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Tom Golden

Tom Golden

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The Lure St. Pete

Jordan Esker and the Hundred Percent

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  1. I am really enjoying these podcasts! I love the interviews that give us a “look behind the curtain” with our local chefs and restaurateurs. And I also am loving the music part of the program so far I haven’t heard one song that I didn’t like and it certainly is a wonderful way to find new to me musicians that I can listen to! Great Job you guys!❤️⚜️
    • Kevin Godbee Kevin Godbee
      Thanks Nola! Glad you're enjoying!

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