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IL Ritorno does Lunch…A review

IL Ritorno Lunch Smoked Shrimp

So when Chef Dave announced that they were going to open for lunch this week, August 15th – 19th, Kevin and I were thrilled!  Chef sounded invigorated and excited as he was telling us about some of the menu items.  They told us that they were going to see how lunch would go as they […]

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A Review of Pia’s Trattoria – A Gulfport Gem of a Restaurant

Pia's Lasagna

On May 18th, 2016 I was at a wine tasting in Pasadena with some friends. We were hungry after and I realized that we were very close to Pia’s Trattoria, which I had never been to but had heard great things about. I did not get to meet Pia because she had already left for […]

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The Queens Head Review

Steak & Ale Pie Close Up

Back on July 10th, I asked for opinions on the best fish & chips, and The Queens Head got the most mentions. Lori and I went recently. I was not fond of the fish & chips, but I did enjoy everything else – all of the other food, the cool décor, and the friendly, bubbly […]

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Favorite Breakfast / Brunch Items at Cassis

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake Benedict

Cassis American Brasserie is one of mine and Lori’s favorite places for two things – the late-night, end-of-night stop for drinks – frequently a Bramble … but what we REALLY REALLY LOVE (aside from Elliot & Rachel) is Breakfast / Brunch! First of all, they open at 8am seven days a week. Hey, we’re middle-aged. […]

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Gratzzi Italian Grille Gets Exotic

Rack of Elk

Gratzzi Italian Grille is certainly known and loved for their classic, rustic Italian staples, but we also love it when Chef Tony gets creative with the exotic ingredients. These were all extremely delicious, hearty and satisfying. Alligator Sausage with spicy black bean tart.

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Happy Birthday to Lori at IL Ritorno

Duck Egg Close Up

Il Ritorno hosted an excellent birthday dinner for Lori last April. We started with Cin Cin Prosecco, which is always delicious.

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Alesia Restaurant Review

Asian Style Beef Stew

Last night Lori and I had dinner at Alesia and it was delicious! Everything tasted great, and the prices are quite reasonable. One bottle of wine ($29) with two appetizers and two entrees = $56 before tip. For apps, we had – Summer Rolls ($3.70) – fresh rolls in rice paper with shrimp, rice vermicelli, […]

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Tryst Summer Specials

Yak Sliders

These were a couple of the summer specials that were off the menu at Tryst. As some of you may know, Lori and I go to Tryst Gastro Lounge … A LOT. A real lot. Although the rumor that we have our own cot in the back is not true, their Executive Chef, Sean Ford […]

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Annata Wine Bar’s Cheese & Charcuterie is Outstanding!

Annata Wine's Cheese & Charcuterie Platter

There are a lot of restaurants in Downtown St Petersburg that offer Cheese & Charcuterie platters but I must say, in my humble opinion, that Annata offers up one the of very best that I personally have ever had.  The meats and cheeses are incredibly fresh but the accoutrements that come with them really make […]

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The Lure Sunday Brunch

Sweet Melissa on the left, and Bacon-8-Her on the right

We made our 2nd visit to The Lure, this time for Sunday Brunch. I decided that I needed sushi and grits for brunch. The grits were excellent, real, fresh, cooked grits. You may have heard me previously assert that I think it should be illegal to serve instant grits at a restaurant, and I will […]

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FarmTable Kitchen’s Incredible, Edible Happy Hour…

FarmTable Kitchen

My newest obsession…the Clams at FarmTable Kitchen.  I literally crave them and the sauce with Hot Italian Sausage added Their Happy Hour is my definite favorite!  From 5 – 7 they offer around 10 menu items for $7/each and two flatbreads for $9/each.  Plus they have a $7 specialty cocktail of the day or you can […]

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ZGrille Seafood Salad

Seafood Salad at ZGrille

One of my favorite items at ZGrille is the Seafood Salad with grilled calamari, gulf shrimp, scallops, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, and meyer lemon vinaigrette. It is quite filling, extremely tasty, and … drum roll please … no starch. (Starch goes right to my waistline, so I try to only have it once or twice […]

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The Oyster Bar St. Pete Review

Lobster Tails At Oyster Bar St. Pete

Did you know that it’s already been 3-years (in August 2016) since The Oyster Bar St Pete on Central Avenue was taken over by current owner, Josh Cameron? It used to be named Central Avenue Oyster Bar, and it was pretty good. But since Josh took over, it’s gotten better and better in all ways […]

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Review of Leafy Greens Café

Tuscan Pizza

First off, let me start by saying, Thank God for St Pete, and all the fabulous local food to eat! Okay, sorry for the rhyme, but it’s true. See I moved here from Mobile, Alabama, and although there are some truly great local spots in my Southern hometown, it’s no St Pete. And to top […]

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Chicken Fried Calamari at the Birch & Vine is a MUST!! Flavor Explosion!

Birch & Vine

If you haven’t tried the Chicken Fried Calamari at the Birch and Vine, you are missing out on the best calamari I have ever had! Wow! Chef Jason Cline always comes up with amazing combinations of food, but this one blew me away! It is a nice size portion too. It sits over a Carrot […]

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