Bacchus – A European Wine & Cheese Specialty Market Set to Open Mid December

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There are many restaurants downtown in which you can order fantastic wine, cheese and charcuterie to eat in-house, but where downtown can you go buy specialty wines, cheese and charcuterie to make and serve at home? Nowhere, until now. Come mid-December Bacchus (named after the Roman god of wine), a European inspired specialty market, will open at 124 2nd Ave NE next to Cassis.



Christophe Guillot Inside of Bacchus During Build-Out

Christophe Guillot Inside of Bacchus During Build-Out

The market, to be opened by Christophe Guillot and Philippe Challeau, will have more of a french influence but will also feature other European wines and specialty products that we are currently not available for retail purchase downtown. Some of the items include pastas, foie gras, escargot, wines, cheeses, beer and other exotic items that they are able to keep fresh.

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What makes this market so different is that you will be able to try many of the wine, cheese and charcuterie items on premises. There will be limited tables and seating available for purchased tastings both inside and out. The store is being outfitted with custom made shelving, large coolers, freezers and a tasting bar and tables.


Below are two custom made wood table tops which will be a part of the inside decor.

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Long Table Tops


Outdoor Table Bases from Wooden Barrels

The vision for Bacchus is a place to purchase select wines, cheeses and speciality items that you can choose to consume at the market in a social setting or take it home and prepare and consume it in your own home. Bacchus will definitely fill an empty niche in downtown St Petersburg.

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  • Bacchus
  • European Specialty Foods, Wine & Cheese, Gourmet Foods
  • 124 2nd Ave NE, St Petersburg, FL 33701, USA

Bacchus is an international market set to open in downtown St Petersburg mid December 2018. Carrying select hard to get imported cheeses, wines and specialty products.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Lori, I am surprised that someone who expresses so much interest in the food scene in Saint Pete is not aware of Locale Gourmet Market which occupies 15000 square feet of space in the Sundail 1 block away from the business you mention in this article. I certainly hope you would visit them as they certainly deserve to be mentioned and have been in town for close to 4 years now.
    • Kevin Godbee Kevin Godbee
      Bradley, your comment is completely baffling. We are aware of Locale. We've written several pieces on them. We were there when they opened, and as recently as two weeks ago. Locale has zero to do with this write-up that is reporting on a new place opening. I have no idea where you are coming from. Do you have a rule that anytime we report on a new place, or write a review, that every other place within a block needs to be listed? And any place that we don't list in an article that has nothing to do with it, we must not know it exists? It seems like you have some kind of ax to grind.
  2. Bavarros? Mazarros? A Taste for Wine? Heard of them?