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Top Five Veggie Favorites in Downtown St Petersburg November 2017

Vegetarian Platos from Bodega

As a vegetarian, I know that finding good veggie options while eating out can be challenging. Often the only available veggie items are the usual suspects such as a Portobello mushroom “burger”, which I personally detest, or boring and flavorless options such as an iceberg lettuce salad or a veggie wrap made-up of mostly lettuce […]

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Best Holiday Local Shopping Ideas for Foodies in St Petersburg, FL 2017

Kalamazoo Holiday Gift Set

Countdown to the end of Hanukkah

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The Top 10 Best Casual Dining Restaurants in St Petersburg, FL 2017

The Mill The Southern Belle Salad

Whether you are planning a trip to St Pete or you live here and have missed out on a few of our local gems, this list will help guide you to a spectacular dining experience. St Petersburg Foodies Restaurant Reviews is a very active group that we run on Facebook. The group consists of all […]

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The Top 10 Best Upscale Casual Dining Restaurants in St Petersburg, FL by Local Foodies 2017

Editor’s Note: Here’s the UPDATED Best Upscale Restaurants in St. Petersburg FL 2019 If you google best restaurants in St Petersburg, FL, you are sure to find TripAdvisor and Yelp near the top with their auto generated lists. When I just did it, the top 10 list included a wine only bar with no food, […]

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Top 10 Best Happy Hours in St Petersburg, FL Updated October 2017

Top 10 Best Happy Hours St Petersburg, FL

Recently we created a full list of as many happy hours as we could compile for Downtown St Pete, The Edge District and the Grand Central District. You can view the full Happy Hour list here. So we decided to conduct a survey in our Facebook group for local St Petersburg Foodies asking which places, […]

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Hidden Gems for Food in St. Petersburg, FL 2016

Spicy Honey Mandarin Glazed Signature Chicken Wings at Del Mar

Last month our top 5 list was for the Best Shrimp & Grits in St. Petersburg, FL. This month, we bring you 5 Hidden Gems for Food. These are places in St. Petersburg that have great food, but aren’t always thought of as such, or they are just off the radar for incredible comestibles. 1. Cask […]

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10 Best Cheese & Charcuterie Boards in St. Petersburg, FL 2016

Charcuterie with Cheeses, Meats

Cheese & Charcuterie is Hot! (Actually, it’s cold or room temp.) 2019 Top 10 Cheese & Charcuterie – Click Here! Last month our top 10 list was for the 10 Best Steaks in St. Petersburg, FL. This month, we bring you 10 Best Cheese & Charcuterie Boards. Charcuterie has been around for a long time, […]

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5 Places for Adventurous Eaters in St. Pete 2016

I consider myself lucky that I am an adventurous eater. I get to try so many things and experience amazing flavors, textures, and aromas. When I was a kid and the family would go out to dinner, the way I would choose what I would order would be the first item I came to that […]

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