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10 Best Mexican Restaurants in St. Petersburg FL 2021

Must Eat Mexican Treats in St. Pete If you search this site for "Mexican", you may notice that I do all of the Mexican restaurant reviews. Why? It's because I love Mexican food so much that I could literally eat it every day for a week straight. (I actually have done that before.) Two and…
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Nueva Cantina Reboots the Menu with Hileman Collab

Remember Chef Jeffery Hileman? He ran the kitchen at FarmTable Cucina for most of their time open. Put him together with Nueva Cantina co-owner, Louie Spetrini, and you have the Mexican restaurant dream team. This "new" menu has actually been out for two months now, but we just got to it last week. Nueva Cantina…
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Red Mesa Restaurant – Still Rockin’ After All These Years

It seems like there are new restaurants opening in St. Pete every five minutes, and the new places get all of the hoopla, and attention. We certainly participate in it here at St. Petersburg Foodies, but we also love to remind you of the places that were here when there were not a lot of…
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Nueva Cantina’s New Menu Items are Superb

Nueva Cantina does it again with some really tasty, unique and fun items. The new menu came out yesterday, February 7th, and I made sure to stop by to try a couple of things. Don't worry about your favorites. Much of the menu stayed and there are seven new items. There are two that really…
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Review: VIP Mexican Restaurant & Lounge

We finally went to VIP Mexican Restaurant & Lounge on Thursday, September 28. Months ago, we had crossed them off of our list when a chef friend of ours, whom we greatly respect, said some unflattering things about the place—I'll leave the details out—and we believed him. As the months went by, we kept seeing more…
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Red Mesa Cantina to Take Over Push Ultra Lounge Space

UPDATE: Here’s the first look at the new spaces. Push Ultra Lounge, one of Downtown St. Petersburg’s premiere upscale night club is ending its 10-year party at the end of this month. Red Mesa Cantina, Push's ground floor neighbor in the same building, will take over the two floor 12,000 square foot space at the…
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Party Time! Mexican Style!

Red Mesa Cantina is the Wild Child in the Family A couple of weeks ago, St. Petersburg Foodies, along with our photographer, Barry Lively, (and he lives up to his name, by the way) recently spent the day with Marketing Director Edgar Veytia, and Executive Chef Chris Fernandez exploring all three Red Mesa locations. Our…
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Red Mesa Mercado is Takin’ it to the Streets

Mexican Street Food: Tacos, Burritos, & Empanadas Oh My! Mexican Street food, some are fried and many are hand held items, is what most Americans think of as Mexican food. Street food in Mexico, called antojitos (literally "little cravings"), is prepared by street vendors and at small traditional markets in that country. Most of them…
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Red Mesa Restaurant Holding Their Own at 20-Years Old

Red Mesa Restaurant Pioneered Real Mexican Food in St. Pete "When we first got here, all that people knew about Mexican food was Taco Bell™." - Chris Fernandez, Executive Chef for all three Red Mesa locations. With the foodie scene exploding in St. Pete and all of the new restaurants popping up, you might think…
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